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Redefining Remote Team Building

Elevate your remote team’s potential through an immersive journey like no other. Our mission revolves around using virtual reality to transcend the barriers of remote work and foster unparalleled team building experiences. By seamlessly melding innovation and collaboration, we’re reshaping the way teams connect and thrive. Step into a world where distance is no match for camaraderie, and where virtual reality opens doors to stronger, more cohesive teams.

We Have a Unique VR Team Building Program That Will….

Virtual Reality creates a sense of presence that can transform your remote team

Transform Your
Remote Team in
Just 45 Minutes
a Day

Our Tailor-Made Programs all Include the Following


Using VR Team Connect, provided my globally distributed team with a unique wellness and team-building experience. The curated immersive environments, activities and events presented a refreshing way to foster team cohesion and colleague well-being.

The team reported increased productivity and improved communication through engagement in VR. It's not just a tool; it's a catalyst for community. Highly recommend for any business looking to enhance a team’s engagement dynamic’’

Daniel Debtuch, Director Release Services
Bentley Systems International


Working with VR Team Connect has been really beneficial.  The induction and training was straightforward, and every event exceeded our expectations. Our team enjoyed the program and reported an improvement in team dynamics that continues to have a positive impact on our work’’ 
Ian Kennedy, COO
Seamless CARE Ltd

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